Euro 2024: Can unbeaten Spain see off Germany’s home advantage?
Unbeaten and Young Spain take on experience laden Germans (Image: Sky Sports)

The Euro 2024 is off to its final stages, as we await the Quarter-finals. The two giants of European football and probably the two most in-form teams, Spain and Germany, take on each other in the first quarterfinal of the Euros.

These two are the newly ranked favorites, as the teams like France and England, who were considered favorites, have underperformed in the group stages as well as the Round of 16. Though the power rankings often find England and Switzerland over them, Germany’s consistency in the Euro 2024 cannot be beaten off.

In their Round of 16 match, Germany was denied multiple times by the Danish veteran Schmeichel as well as by the VAR. With some missed chances, some weak efforts in front of goal, and some misfortune, Germany settled in with a 2-0 victory over Denmark, though their potential seemed far more than what they got.

However, unlike the hosts, La Roja, despite giving away an own goal in the 18th minute of the game, never seemed for a second that they could not pull off the lead. Man City midfielder scored an early stunner to level it in the first half, while Spain kept their dominance in the second as well, with Ruiz, Williams, and Yamal running a riot against the debutants, Georgia. Spain ended 4-1 after an early lead to the opponents and proved what their worth is and what attacking football means in European football.

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The Spanish have enjoyed their unbeaten run in Euro 2024, after their semi-final defeat to Italy in the last Euro. While the Germans seemed to have been back in their groove after their inconsistent attempts in the last two Euros as well as World Cups, they have shown sheer domination at home.

With Havertz, Musiala, and Gundogan being the terrific trio in the opponent half, Toni Kross finds himself in a win-or-retire situation as Germany takes on Spanish greats. Spain has the most sporadic side, with 16-year-old Yamal and 21-year-old Nico Williams being the riders of their one-sided domination.

Rodri, Ruiz, and Cucurella have been playing a great supportive role for the La Roja side, and what will be keen to see is whether the agility and accuracy of Spain can win over the Germans at home, as this seems to be a special encounter for football fans around the globe.