Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest footballers of all time, is moving to the Asian football club Al Nassr. The bounty, or paycheque, as it is called, is very hefty. Ronaldo will earn approximately 500 million euros from his two years at the club. This is a very crucial stage for Asian football, as the greatest footballer of all time has chosen to play in Asia. This effectively displays that the European dominance of football is coming to an end. Here is a look at Cristiano Ronaldo and his transfer to Al Nassr: 

Al Nassr is a Saudi Arabian Club: 

Many pundits or critics of the game have criticized Ronaldo’s move to Al Nassr because Al Nassr is an Asian club. But these are pundits from Europe who strongly believe that the best football is played in Europe. This might have been true a few years back but the situation has been changing with every passing minute. Al Nassr is a top club in Saudi. They had been trying to get big players on board for the past few years. The predicted amount that Cristiano Ronaldo will be earning from Al Nassar is 173 million pounds for the two years in which he will represent the team.  

Here is a look at the jaw-dropping numbers: 

Earning/year 87.5 Million Pounds 
Earning/month 14.4 Million Pounds 
Earning/Day 514 Thousand Pounds 
Earning/Hour 21400 Pounds 
Earning/Minute 357 Pounds 
Earning/Second 6 Pounds 

Cristiano Ronaldo will not have a Newcastle Clause: 

Cristiano Ronaldo

There was supposedly a clause in Ronaldo’s contract that would allow him to join the English Club Newcastle United after a few months at Al Nassr. This was rumored because the majority of Newcastle United is owned by a Saudi Arabian PIF (Public Investment Fund). But as more reports emerge, it is clear that no such clause exists. A source at Al Nassr said that the report which claimed that Al Nassr is owned by the same firm is “all fake” and “no such clause exists”. 

Big Moment for Asian Football to have the Presence of Cristiano Ronaldo: 

This transfer is one of the greatest wins for Asian football or for football outside Europe in general. This means that the player who was once the best on the planet has chosen to play top-flight football outside of Europe. This is a big indication that more players from Europe will be looking for similar options. What may have led to this move is that the European clubs showed little to no interest to sign Ronaldo. Even Sporting Lisbon, his home club refused to welcome this legend.  

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