Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton is unquestionably a modern day great!

Lewis Hamilton is regarded as the greatest Formula-1 Driver of the modern era. Hamilton is the one who smashed almost all the records that were established by Michael Schumacher. Lewis Hamilton is one of the top contenders alongside Sebastian Vettel to grab the greatest number of podium finishes. Lewis Hamilton has 100 career wins, 101 pole positions, and a record 176 podium finishes. He was groomed by the McLaren driving academy in the early days before Lewis moved to Mercedes in 2012. Here is a look at Lewis Hamilton’s career: – 

Lewis Hamilton Family: – 

Lewis Hamilton was born on 7th January 1985. He was born to Anthony Hamilton, a black computer engineer. Lewis Hamilton’s father worked odd jobs working as a part-time real estate agent and computer engineer. Hamilton’s mother was a beautiful white lady named Carmen Larbalestier. Lewis Hamilton hence belonged to a mixed race and was identified as Black. He stayed along with both his parents till age 2 following which his mother separated and Lewis Hamilton stayed with his mother and two half-sisters. 

Lewis Hamilton is currently believed to be single but he also has been linked with several pop stars like Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, Rihana, and Winnie Harlow. Hamilton has two half-sisters from his mother’s side and one half-brother from his father’s side.  

Lewis Hamilton has intricate family relations but this hasn’t affected his career a bit!

Lewis Hamilton Early Life: – 

Lewis Hamilton had a decent childhood; it was not very amazing and not very bad. His parents separated very early when Lewis was only two years old. Lewis stayed with his mother till he was aged twelve and after that resided with his father and half-brother. Lewis Hamilton was only 5 when his dad got him a remote-controlled car and that ignited his spark for the cars. When he was young Lewis was the only black kid racing at his local club and eventually was subjected to racial abuse at the club. Lewis Hamilton’s dad work day in and day out to pay the bills and afford this expensive sport. This British driver also loved to play football and cricket. 

Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 Career: – 

Lewis Hamilton started his career early in 2001. He finished 5th in the 2001 British Formula Renault and that earned him a contract with Manor Motorsport the following year. In the year 2002, Lewis Hamilton made his Formula 3 debut. In 2003, he was asked about becoming the youngest Formula 1 driver and he said that his goal is not to become the youngest Formula 1 Driver but to become experienced and dominate the driving circuit. Over the year Lewis Hamilton won several championships earning a name in the junior racing circuits.  

Lewis Hamilton dominated the professional circuit from the day he entered it!

In 2007 Lewis Hamilton made his Formula 1 debut with McLaren. Lewis Hamilton was destined for glory. Hamilton’s dominance continued in the year 2008. He grabbed a total of five victories and ten podium finishes but it was also said that he was arrogant but he argued that his self-belief was wrongly interpreted and that his driving was firm but fair. As the season reached its far end in Brazil, it became a clear two people’s competition for the title between the homeboy Felipe Massa and the young Brit. 

His track record over the years is as follows. 282 entries and 281 stars. A humongous total of 7 world titles. 2008, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 were the seasons that he owned and dominated. His concentrations level is unmatched and his dedication is beyond belief. His love for cars and speed is something that we can’t think of. He loves to test the car to its limit. He has claimed a total of 4024.5 career points. 57 is the number of his fastest laps.  

Lewis Hamilton Achievements and Records: – 

Formula One 

Formula One World Drivers’ Championship: 7 times. In 2008, In 2014, In 2015, In 2017, In 2018, In 2019, In 2020 

Formula One World Constructors’ Championship: 7 times.  In 2014, In 2015, In 2016, In 2017, In 2018, In 2019, In 2020 

DHL Fastest Lap Award: 5 times. In 2014, In 2015, In 2017, In 2019, In 2020 

FIA Pole Trophy/Pirelli Pole Position Award: 5 times. In 2015, In 2016, In 2017, In 2018, In 2020 

Hawthorn Memorial Trophy: 10 times. In 2007, In 2008, In 2012, In 2013, In 2014, In 2015, In 2016, In 2017, 2018, 2019 

Lorenzo Bandini Trophy: 1 time. 2009