Most Flamboyant Cricketers

Most flamboyant cricketers! Many players in world cricket have amazing abilities on the field and are flashy and flamboyant off the field. These are players who are loved by the media. Such players do not do anything apart from the general society but they are always under immense scrutiny. To name a few we can consider Andrew Symonds, Shoaib Akhtar, and Hardik Pandya. Here is an in-depth look at the top 5 most flamboyant in international cricket: 

1) Shane Warne is one of the most flamboyant cricketers: 

Warnie is one of the best spinners to ever touch the cricket ball. His life was an actual movie. Warne was very animated on the field. He would never shy away from getting into a sledge battle. His life in the field was marred by a doping scandal. But the charges were dropped after it was found that those were drugs that went into his body due to paracetamol. Next up was his case with the lovely ladies in the UK. Shane Warne being the strong personality he is, accepted the allegations in a press conference and gave a public apology to his beloved wife. Whatever Warne did off the field is his personal question; we have no right to criticize the same. But we cannot ignore that Warne is a true GOAT! 

2) Herschelle Gibbs is one of the most flamboyant cricketers: 

Herschelle Gibbs and his career was a roller-coaster. Gibbs never shied away from drinking a beer or from a party. One of the most iconic incidents is the historic 443 chases by South Africa. Gibbs had partied the entire night before the game. He was smelling of beer even after the Australians ended their first innings. But cometh the hour, Gibbs delivered. He scored a historic 175 runs!  

3) Virat Kohli is one of the most flamboyant cricketers: 

Virat Kohli, the poster boy of Indian Cricket is always under the scanner. The Indian media is very keen on Virat’s personal life. His association with his beloved wife was pretty evident in 2014, but the media significantly poked and criticized the same for his average performance in England in 2014. Next up was Australia 2014, Virat still had his ladylove in his life but this time he was scoring runs, and not just runs but a truckload of them! His marriage was a big event for the paps! Gel, tattoos, sledging, gyming, suits, and brands! Virat is the true modern master. 

4) Ben Stokes: 

Ben Stokes or should I address him as Sir Benjamin Stokes! The life of this world-class all-rounder has been a movie. Stokes was in the limelight after Carlos Braithwaite hit him for 4 consecutive sixes in the 2016 World Cup final. But life is a matter of time. It takes a person from “Carlos Braithwaite, Remember the Name!” to “Take a bow, Sir Ben Stoke!”. Ben was again in the limelight after the 2017 Bar incident. Further, Stokes was fighting his demons with mental health and the media threw light on that. These are things that should be accepted globally with ease and I am glad that players like Stokes are standing up for the same. 

Honorable Mentions: 

  • 1) Shoaib Akhtar 
  • 2) Hardik Pandya 
  • 3) Yuvraj Singh 

5) Ravi Shastri: 

The true pioneer of the flamboyant and flashy attitude was “Ravi Shastri”. Shastri was a player who lived ahead of his time. He loved his beer and his parties. He is a ladies’ man. But you talk about going on-field and Ravi is one of the best Indian all-rounders. Shastri had an elite career. He began playing at 18 and continued till 33. He could have extended his run easily but made the smart decision to quit at his peak.  

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