Prithvi Shaw, the star Indian opener, had an unfortunate incident that landed him in controversy on Wednesday evening. A group of fans was awaiting him for a selfie when something went wrong, and he was attacked. This took place in the Vile Parle area of Mumbai’s suburbs. The female fan’s lawyer claims that she has been attacked, while Prithvi Shaw’s stand is unclear. He has yet to issue a statement. But the Oshiwara Police Station has taken some action, and a few arrests have been made. Here is an in-depth look: 

Prithvi Shaw Controversy: Fans Attacked Shaw and his Friends: 

It is said that an unfortunate incident occurred in Vile Parle. Prithvi Shaw had an argument with two fans after denying a picture with the fans. One of the fans was a female who tried to get hold of him and a video surfaced that showed her attacking Prithvi Shaw. There are multiple videos on Twitter showing what exactly he went through. After denying a picture twice, the people intercepted Shaw and his friend’s car and attacked the car.  

Prithvi Shaw

The Oshiwara Police Station has registered a complaint against 8 people who attacked Shaw’s car. When enquired about what exactly happened, this is what a police officer had to say, “While they were having dinner, two people, including a woman, approached them for a selfie. The cricketer initially cooperated but the two kept harassing them for more pictures.” 

Shaw Attacked at Hotel Sahara Star in Mumbai: 

It was a group of two fans. The male was the one who released the video and was seen threatening Shaw to defame him and the cricketers in general. The female named Sapna, in the video, was caught saying, “What if these guys are cricketers, we are also people, we also want to party.” The female fan had allegedly chased down the friend’s car for over 10km expecting that Prithvi would have been in the car, but he had left in another one after matters had heated up at the cafe itself.  

The Oshiwara police are exploring the case further. But the names of the two fans harassing Shaw for just a picture are Sapna Gill alias Sanna and Shobhit Thakur. Thakur and Sapna saw Shaw in the café of the hotel and asked for a picture but were denied by Shaw’s friend. The incident further unfolded and took an unfortunate turn. 

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