IPL 2023: COVID-19 guidelines befor TATA IPL 2023 begin.


IPL 2023: COVID-19 guidelines befor TATA IPL 2023 begin-The time has come for both the IPL and, regrettably, Covid-19. The number of Covid-19 cases in India has been steadily increasing over the past week or so, with a positive rate in some places reaching 30%. The fear has returned as IPL 2023’s home and away format returns to crowded stadiums.

A rigorous mask policy is already being considered by BCCI. BCCI will, however, abide by state and Health Ministry regulations on the crowd and restrictions. Friday’s opening match of the IPL pits GT against CSK in Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium

“While there has been a decline in the number of Covid-19 cases in India we still have to be careful of the emerging strains which are becoming a concern at regular intervals. Positive cases must be isolated for maximum seven days.

Positive cases will not be allowed to participate in any match or any form of activity/event during the period of isolation,” the IPL’s medical guidelines.

covid 19 norms

The guidelines further state that two negative TR-PCR tests, 24-hours-apart is what it will take for the players to join back. The tests will only be conducted from day 4 onwards and that too if the player is asymptomatic and without any medication for a period of 24 hours.

If the player tests positive even after the first seven days, the period of two negative RT-PCR tests will be reduced to 12 hours.
In a first, Tahila McGrath became the first player during the Commonwealth games T20 final to play a game of cricket despite being COVID-19 positive. Many leagues in the world have followed and there have been no strict norms regarding COVID, but since there is a lot at stake in IPL in terms of finances, BCCI’s decision to not loosen up makes sense.”

It should be emphasised that BCCI’s COvid-19 policy has not changed, in contrast to the ICC. The BCCI has imposed a minimum 7-day period of player isolation, but the ICC permits even positive athletes to participate.

Unless they produce three unfavourable results, players must be segregated. Close relationships are also subject to the regulation.

Even the players’ families have received instructions from BCCI to exercise caution and use masks when going outside. If a player tests positive, they will be transferred to another isolation chamber. Repeated COVID tests will be performed on the entire team and the family members. However, the game will go without incident. Also, those in close proximity won’t be alone.

COVID-19 IPL 2023 guidelines:
1.7-day isolation period is required for players who tested positive for COVID-19.
2.On the fifth day, they must have three RT-PCR negative tests before being allowed to leave isolation.
3.In contrast to the past, no direct contacts will be cut off.
4.In light of the rising number of instances, BCCI has urged players and support personnel to adhere to state-mandated COVID rules.
5.Despite the absence of a bio-bubble, players have been encouraged to limit their interactions with fans.
6.The BCCI has not reached out to any organisation for COVID-19 tracking, unlike previous time.
7.The medical staff of the squad will keep an eye on the athletes, and any who exhibit symptoms will be segregated.

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