IPL 2022: Who Are The Favourites To Win?

Cricket Sports Player | photo on Pixabay

IPL 2022 is looking to be an incredibly close competition, and the talent that all teams participating possess is truly unprecedented. Nobody truly knows for sure what is going to happen this upcoming season, and in reality, it is still anyone’s game.

However, there are a select few that appear to have a better chance than the rest, and that is exactly what we are going to be talking about in this article. Let’s get straight into it.

Chennai Super Kings

If you have kept up with the IPL in previous years, then you would have already guessed that the Chennai Super Kings would find themselves on this list. Being somewhat of a fan-favourite within the IPL, the Chennai Super Kings are one of the most dominant teams out there and they have an impressive reputation to boot.

However, their reputation is not the only thing they have going for them this year. Compared to previous years, many people cite that the Chennai Super Kings squad is looking stronger than ever, and the number of talented players they now have in their roster is unbelievable.

When you stack this new talent on top of their already established reputation and experience it begins to become evident why people believe they are the most likely candidates to win IPL 2022, and we have to admit, it would come as no surprise to see them win.

In fact, on sites like the Comeon betting India platform, the Chennai Super Kings are in the lead with seemingly insurmountable odds, and it seems as though most people think they are going to take the victory this year.

Mumbai Indians

Following shortly after the Chennai Super Kings, we have the Mumbai Indians. Despite the fact that the Mumbai Indians suffered a big blow recently with a few of their top players being injured, many people believe this setback is not going to hold them back from taking the crown.

Moreover, when you factor in just how iron-clad the rest of their team is this year and the sense of comradery amongst the players, it seems as though nothing is going to be able to hold them back.

It would be an understatement to say the Mumbai Indians have a better chance than most at claiming victory, and even when stripped of some of their key players, they are still one of the best teams out there. Only time will tell.

So, who do you think will win IPL 2022? There are so many incredible teams this year and the levels of talent have never been higher. There are many other teams that also have high chances of fairing extremely well, and in reality, no one knows for sure what exactly is going to take place.

However, one thing that is for sure is how amazing this year of IPL is going to be, and we can’t wait to see it through.

Have fun.