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The IPL 2022 is one of the most exciting sporting tournaments taking place in the world currently. The league has over a million viewers every night. The people of the Indian sub-continent are hooked to their TV sets for the entire month of March, April, and May. This generates a lot of revenue for the broadcasters. Also, a big marketing opportunity is presented for the corporate giants. Here is a look at the financial structure that helps and supports this amazing league: 

TATA IPL 2022 Sponsors List: 

Sponsor Name Sponsor Type 
TATA Group of Companies Title Sponsors. 
Dream11 Official Partners of TATA IPL 2022. 
Unacademy  Official Partners of IPL. 
CRED Official Partners of IPL. 
Upstox Official Partners of IPL. 
RuPay Official Partners of IPL. 
Swiggy Instamart Official Partners of TATA IPL 2022. 
TATA Neu New Ball Sponsors 
Aramco Official Orange & Purple Cap Partner 
Star TV Network Official Broadcasters 
Disney+HotStar Official Digital Streaming Partners 
PayTM Umpire Partners 
CEAT Strategic Timeout Partner 

The title sponsor for this season is the TATA Group of companies. The very first season of the IPL had DLF as the title sponsor. Over the years, PepsiCo Group has taken the role, and Dream11 and Vivo have stepped in. The kind of marketing that the title sponsorship brings in is amazing. This will help the TATA group of companies to promote their fresher ideas such as TATA 1mg, TATA Neu, and TATA Play.  

TATA IPL 2022 Title Sponsors over the years: 

TATA IPL Season Title Sponsor 
2008 DLF Group 
2009 DLF Group 
2010 DLF Group 
2011 DLF Group 
2012 DLF Group 
2013 PepsiCo India 
2014 PepsiCo India 
2015 PepsiCo India 
2016 Vivo 
2017 Vivo 
2018 Vivo 
2019 Vivo 
2020 Dream 11 
2021 Vivo 
2022 TATA Group of Companies 

IPL Sponsors: 

  • Title sponsorship from TATA Group of Companies – Indian Rupees 440 crores. 
  • Official sponsors – Indian Rupees 210 crores. 
  • Umpire sponsors – Indian Rupees 28 crores. 
  • Official strategic timeout sponsor – Indian Rupees 30 crores. 

CEAT tires have always been associated with the IPL. The tire manufacturers have sponsored the strategic timeout. The waiting period of 2.5 minutes takes place 2 times an innings. This waiting period is for the drinks and strategic planning of the game. With so much of a financial structure revolving around this tournament, a 2.5-minute break in the game will cost a loss to the broadcaster, and hence this sponsor was bought in for IPL 2022. 

CRED, Swiggy, TATA Neu:

CRED is an exclusive partner for the first 6 overs. The first 6 overs in the TATA IPL 2022 are powerplay overs. CRED is a payments app that offers exclusive deals for its users during that period. This helps CRED to get more users during that period of the game. 

Swiggy Instamart is also a sponsor. They have sponsored the last 5 overs. The last 5 overs are also called the death overs. The scoring rate of the batsmen also increases in these final overs. This is synonymous with the quick delivery that Swiggy Instamart offers. This is a unique form of sponsorship. Exclusive offers are given to consumers who use the app to order stuff during these 5 overs of the innings.  

The TATA Neu is an amazing service of the TATA Group. The TATA Group is running a promotional campaign by sponsoring the new ball in the IPL games. This is very thoughtful by the team as the word “NEU” sounds similar to “NEW”.  

Aramco is the only sponsor for the purple caps and the orange caps. These caps are awarded to the individuals who pick the most wickets and score the most runs in TATA IPL 2022 respectively.  

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