BCCI Announces New Retention Policies for IPL 2022 Season.

Here is a look at the official rules published by the BCCI governing body.

IPL 2022
The BCCI has announced the policies.

The BCCI on the 29th of October announced the retention policies for the IPL Teams for the 2022 IPL Season. The gist of the announcement was that every team is allowed to retain 3 players and every team is going to have one Right to Match Card. All in all, 4 retentions, direct or indirect can be done. Of the 4 retained players at the maximum 2 can be foreign internationals. Apart from this, another crucial announcement was that the two new teams will be allowed to pick 3 players each at the start of the IPL Auction. Here is a look: – 

3 Direct Retentions and 1 RTM Card: – 

The 4-player retention is divided in the way that every team is allowed to retain 3 players directly at the three distinct retention prices. And the 4th player has to be retained by the “Right to Match” Card in the auction. Of these 4 retained players the teams can retain 3 Indians and 1 Overseas Player. The other combination can be of 2 Indians and 2 Overseas Players. Let us understand this with the example of a franchise.  

Consider the Mumbai Indians. The first direct retention for Mumbai Indians will be Rohit Sharma. The second retention will be Jasprit Bumrah. The third direct retention can be Kieron Pollard. Then Mumbai can use their RTM card for Hardik Pandya, Suryakumar Yadav, or Ishan Kishan. In this case, Mumbai Indians will retain 3 Indians and 1 Overseas.  

The latest report by the IPL intel has said Hardik might possibly be released.

In the second case, they can retain the same three indirect retentions and use the RTM card for Quinton De Kock. Here, they will be retaining 2 Indian and 2 overseas players.  

3 Players Each to be Picked by 2 New Franchises: – 

The two new franchises that were introduced last week will also be allowed to elect their players. The Ahmedabad franchise was bought by the CVC Capital Group for 5000+ Crore Indian Rupees. While the Lucknow-based franchise was bought by RPSG Group for 7090 Crore Indian Rupees.  Of the available pool of players in the IPL Auction, both teams can select 3 players each before the auction. This will help to bring quality players to the two new teams. This means that players like Suryakumar, Shreyas Iyer, Ishan Kishan, and even Hardik and Krunal Pandya will be high in demand.