IPL 2022 Schedule.
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IPL 2022 has got in a lot of excitement with the fans. The tournament has now become a 10-team extravaganza. This added dimension gives the tournament the excitement of a lifetime. The teams are now settled after having an amazing IPL 2022 Mega Auction. The captains of all the teams have also settled. Ishan Kishan went for 15.25 Crore to the Mumbai Indians becoming the most expensive players. The venues for this tournament have been finalized. Mumbai and Pune will have the tournament, while the playoffs will be held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Here is an in-depth look at the schedule: 

IPL 2022 Schedule: 

The following is the expected schedule for IPL 2022: 

Match No.MatchVenueDayDateTime (IST)
1CSK vs KKRWankhede StadiumSaturdayMarch 26, 202207:30:00 PM
2DC vs MIBrabourne – CCISundayMarch 27, 202203:30:00 PM
3PBKS vs RCBDY Patil StadiumSundayMarch 27, 202207:30:00 PM
4GT vs LSGWankhede StadiumMondayMarch 28, 202207:30:00 PM
5SRH vs RRMCA Stadium, PuneTuesdayMarch 29, 202207:30:00 PM
6RCB vs KKRDY Patil StadiumWednesdayMarch 30, 202207:30:00 PM
7LSG vs CSKBrabourne – CCIThursdayMarch 31, 202207:30:00 PM
8KKR vs PBKSWankhede StadiumFridayApril 1, 202207:30:00 PM
9MI vs RRDY Patil StadiumSaturdayApril 2, 202203:30:00 PM
10GT vs DCMCA Stadium, PuneSaturdayApril 2, 202207:30:00 PM
11CSK vs PBKSBrabourne – CCISundayApril 3, 202207:30:00 PM
12SRH vs LSGDY Patil StadiumMondayApril 4, 202207:30:00 PM
13RR vs RCBWankhede StadiumTuesdayApril 5, 202207:30:00 PM
14KKR vs MIMCA Stadium, PuneWednesdayApril 6, 202207:30:00 PM
15LSG vs DCDY Patil StadiumThursdayApril 7, 202207:30:00 PM
16PBKS vs GTBrabourne – CCIFridayApril 8, 202207:30:00 PM
17CSK vs SRHDY Patil StadiumSaturdayApril 9, 202203:30:00 PM
18RCB vs MIMCA Stadium, PuneSaturdayApril 9, 202207:30:00 PM
19KKR vs DCBrabourne – CCISundayApril 10, 202203:30:00 PM
20RR vs LSGWankhede StadiumSundayApril 10, 202207:30:00 PM
21SRH vs GTDY Patil StadiumMondayApril 11, 202207:30:00 PM
22CSK vs RCBDY Patil StadiumTuesdayApril 12, 202207:30:00 PM
23MI vs PBKSMCA Stadium, PuneWednesdayApril 13, 202207:30:00 PM
24RR vs GTDY Patil StadiumThursdayApril 14, 202207:30:00 PM
25SRH vs KKRBrabourne – CCIFridayApril 15, 202207:30:00 PM
26MI vs LSGBrabourne – CCISaturdayApril 16, 202203:30:00 PM
27DC vs RCBWankhede StadiumSaturdayApril 16, 202207:30:00 PM
28PBKS vs SRHBrabourne – CCISundayApril 17, 202203:30:00 PM
29GT vs CSKMCA Stadium, PuneSundayApril 17, 202207:30:00 PM
30RR vs KKRBrabourne – CCIMondayApril 18, 202207:30:00 PM
31LSG vs RCBDY Patil StadiumTuesdayApril 19, 202207:30:00 PM
32DC vs PBKSMCA Stadium, PuneWednesdayApril 20, 202207:30:00 PM
33MI vs CSKDY Patil StadiumThursdayApril 21, 202207:30:00 PM
34DC vs RRMCA Stadium, PuneFridayApril 22, 202207:30:00 PM
35KKR vs GJDY Patil StadiumSaturdayApril 23, 202203:30:00 PM
36RCB vs SRHBrabourne – CCISaturdayApril 23, 202207:30:00 PM
37LSG vs MIWankhede StadiumSundayApril 24, 202207:30:00 PM
38PBKS vs CSKWankhede StadiumMondayApril 25, 202207:30:00 PM
39RCB vs RRMCA Stadium, PuneTuesdayApril 26, 202207:30:00 PM
40GT vs SRHWankhede StadiumWednesdayApril 27, 202207:30:00 PM
41DC vs KKRWankhede StadiumThursdayApril 28, 202207:30:00 PM
42PBKS vs LSGMCA Stadium, PuneFridayApril 29, 202207:30:00 PM
43GT vs RCBBrabourne – CCISaturdayApril 30, 202203:30:00 PM
44RR vs MIDY Patil StadiumSaturdayApril 30, 202207:30:00 PM
45DC vs LSGWankhede StadiumSundayMay 1, 202203:30:00 PM
46SRH vs CSKMCA Stadium, PuneSundayMay 1, 202207:30:00 PM
47KKR vs RRWankhede StadiumMondayMay 2, 202207:30:00 PM
48GT vs PBKSDY Patil StadiumTuesdayMay 3, 202207:30:00 PM
49RCB vs CSKMCA Stadium, PuneWednesdayMay 4, 202207:30:00 PM
50DC vs SRHBrabourne – CCIThursdayMay 5, 202207:30:00 PM
51GT vs MIBrabourne – CCIFridayMay 6, 202207:30:00 PM
52PBKS vs RRWankhede StadiumSaturdayMay 7, 202203:30:00 PM
53LSG vs KKRMCA Stadium, PuneSaturdayMay 7, 202203:30:00 PM
54SRH vs RCBWankhede StadiumSundayMay 8, 202203:30:00 PM
55CSK vs DCDY Patil StadiumSundayMay 8, 202203:30:00 PM
56MI vs KKRDY Patil StadiumMondayMay 9, 202207:30:00 PM
57LSG vs GTMCA Stadium, PuneTuesdayMay 10, 202207:30:00 PM
58RR vs DCDY Patil StadiumWednesdayMay 11, 202207:30:00 PM
59CSK vs MIWankhede StadiumThursdayMay 12, 202207:30:00 PM
60RCB vs PBKSBrabourne – CCIFridayMay 13, 202207:30:00 PM
61KKR vs SRHMCA Stadium, PuneSaturdayMay 14, 202207:30:00 PM
62CSK vs GTWankhede StadiumSundayMay 15, 202203:30:00 PM
63LSG vs RRBrabourne – CCISundayMay 15, 202207:30:00 PM
64PBKS vs DCDY Patil StadiumMondayMay 16, 202207:30:00 PM
65MI vs SRHWankhede StadiumTuesdayMay 17, 202207:30:00 PM
66KKR vs LSGDY Patil StadiumWednesdayMay 18, 202207:30:00 PM
67RCB vs GTWankhede StadiumThursdayMay 19, 202207:30:00 PM
68RR vs CSKBrabourne – CCIFridayMay 20, 202207:30:00 PM
69MI vs DCWankhede StadiumSaturdayMay 21, 202207:30:00 PM
70SRH vs PBKSWankhede StadiumSundayMay 22, 202207:30:00 PM

IPL 2022 Format: 

The IPL 2022 Schedule Format is similar to IPL 2011. The teams will be divided into 2 groups. Group 1 and Group 2. Now, these groups will have 5 teams each. Every team will play the other 4 teams in their groups two times which will boil down to 8 games. Further, every team will play 4 teams from the other group. The 1 team that remains from the other group, it will be played against two times.  

For example, if CSK is in Group A with MI, KKR, GT, and RR. And the other 5 teams, SRH, RCB, LSG, PBKS, and Delhi Capitals. CSK will play MI, KKR, GT, and RR two times each. Further, it will be playing SRH, RCB, LSG, and PBKS once. In the end, CSK will also be playing Delhi Capitals twice. The scheduling can be different like there is no specific order of matches, but the format is exactly as mentioned.  

IPL 2022 Venues: 

This beautiful ground in Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai, the Jio Stadium has also been added to the list of venues. IMG SRC: India TV news.

The expected venues for the IPL 2022 Schedule are as follows: 

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the IPL 2022 is scheduled in Mumbai and Pune. Both the cities are just 3 hours away and the travel is very smooth. There is a total of 5 venues between both the cities. The latest addition to the venues is Jio Stadium in Navi Mumbai.  

1) Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai  

2) CCI, Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai 

3) Jio Stadium, Mumbai 

4) DY Patil, Navi Mumbai 

5) Subroto Roy Stadium, Pune 

6) Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad 

IPL 2022 Teams: 

1) Mumbai Indians 

2) Delhi Capitals 

3) Chennai Super Kings 

4) Royal Challengers Bangalore 

5) Rajasthan Royals 

6) Punjab Kings 

7) Lucknow Super Giants 

8) Gujarat Titans 

9) Sunrisers Hyderabad 

10) Kolkata Knight Riders