With 2 new teams in the mix, the teams will be looking to retain the best players.

The IPL is the masterstroke played by the BCCI that has hanged world cricket completely. The inception of the IPL made cricket the extravaganza it is today. In today’s date, cricketers are Superstars in their respective countries. The IPL has given the sport legends like Andre Russell, Kieron Pollard, Jasprit Bumrah and Hardik Pandya. A Mega Auction is announced for the year 2022. It is a breeding ground for world-class players. It is a casino where every cricketer can earn money. The IPL has become the festival of India. The BCCI has now made planes to take the level of the IPL a little higher. Here are the rules, regulations, retention policies, and all you need to know about the IPL Mega Auctions that are going to happen in 2022.  

How many teams will take part in the IPL 2022 Mega Auction? 

The BCCI confirmed that 10 teams will be a part of IPL 2022. The exact names and the locations of the franchises and their owners are yet to be announced but there are a few details that are revealed. The selected cities for the two new IPL franchises in IPL 2022 are as follows: – 

BCCI has noted down six possible host cities, among these 6 cities 2 franchises will finally add to the IPL Teams. These cities are Guwahati, Ranchi, Cuttack (from the East region), Ahmedabad (from the West), Lucknow (from the Central Zone), and Dharamsala (from North). 

Of the given franchises, Ahmedabad is a front runner because the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad is going to be the new hub for Indian Cricket. And from the eastern region, the two most probable options are Kanpur or Lucknow. Both the cities belong to Uttar Pradesh and the stadiums in these cities are elite.  

After Ambani, Priety Zinta, Juhi Chawla, and Shahrukh Khan; Gautam Adani, and Salman Khan will be looking to buy the new franchises.

The tender of the two new teams is going to be released in August or September and there are several interested buyers already. The list of interested buyers is as follows: – 

1) Gautam Adani (Adani Group of Industries) 

2) Sanjeev Goenka (RPSG Group CEO) 

3) Salman Khan (Bollywood Superstar) 

4) Mohanlal (Tollywood Superstar) 

5) Aurobindo Pharma Group. 

6) Torrent Pharma Group. 

Update: Wow, the wait is over. finally, IPL got 2 new teams – Ahmedabad and Lucknow

Sanjiv Goenka from RPSG Ventures Ltd got Lucknow Team for INR 7090 crores
Private equity firm CVC Capital Partners got Ahmedabad for INR 5625 crores

When will the IPL 2022 Mega Auction take place? 

The IPL Mega Auction in 2022 is going to take place in December most probably. Or it will at the maximum take place in January. The IPL Auction was initially planned a bit earlier but it had to be delayed due to the second phase of IPL moving to UAE in September. This decision of postponing the Mega Auction IPL 2022 was taken in the Annual General Meeting of the BCCI. 

What is the retention policy for the teams in the IPL 2022 Mega Auction? 

One of the sources from BCCI has said that most probably 4 players can be retained by every team. These 4 players can be as follows: – 

1) Two Indian Capped Players and Two Foreign Players 

2) Three Indian Capped Players and One Foreign Player. 

Apart from that, there is no specific announcement related to the Right to Match (RTM) Policy in IPL 2022 Mega Auction. Let us understand this example with the example of Royal Challengers Bangalore. They can retain 4 players like Virat Kohli, Yuzvendra Chahal, AB De Villiers, and Devdutt Padikkal. In this example, Bangalore is retaining 3 Indians and 1 Foreigner. The other example is Virat Kohli, Yuzvendra Chahal, AB De Villiers, Glenn Maxwell. Here Bangalore will retain 2 Indians and 2 Foreigners. 

RCB Will be looking to retain their best players. Because players like Yuzi, ABD, and Virat are the most dependable.

What are the retention prices for the players in IPL 2022 Mega Auction? 

There is no difference in the wages of retentions. The salary of the retained players will be – INR 15 Crores, INR 11 Crores, and INR 7 Crores (if a franchise retains three cricketers). The structure will be INR 12.5 Crores and INR 8.5 Crores if two players are retained by a franchise and INR 12.5 Crores for only a single player retained. 

In the 2018 IPL auction MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma were the first retentions for their respective clubs for 15 Crores each.

How much purse is available for each franchise in IPL 2022 Mega Auction? 

The total purse available in the IPL 2022 Mega Auction will be 90 Crores. The purse is 5 Crores more than the purse in the year 2020. Also, the BCCI has made a statement that the purse will be further increased in the forthcoming years. The purse will most probably be 95 Crores in 2023, and 100 Crores in 2024. The addition of two new franchises has made a big difference in the available cash for the teams.  

What will be the window for the IPL 2022? 

The IPL 2022, its fourteenth season will see over 90 games as expected by the BCCI. There is also going to be a change in the format by the IPL management as said by one of the officials. The matches due to their number cannot be conducted in a similar window of March and May. The BCCI is looking for a longer window to make the event amazing and larger than ever.  

How many players can each team have in the IPL 2022 Mega Auction? 

The IPL teams always have a large squad size and a larger management team for them. The maximum number of players that a franchise can buy or have been 25 players. The least number of players is 18. Hence the teams will now be looking to have the best of the players from the IPL 2022 Mega Auction. 

What will be the format for IPL 2022? 

The format for IPL 2022 can be similar to that of the 2011 season. In this season, the teams were first divided into 2 groups. The teams which were the best from each group played with the teams of the other groups.