India VS England

With the growing concerns over the availability of Rohit Sharma for the one-off test India VS England Test, the captaincy position certainly has many contenders. India has always had a very sorted approach when it comes to captaincy but with Rohit’s injuries and because of him being a three-format player, his workload needs to be effectively managed. So, in his absence who are the top 3 choices to take the captaincy duties for the Indian Test Team? Here is a look: 

Rishabh Pant Can Be Indian Cricket Team’s Captain in India VS England Test: 


Rishabh Rajendra Pant is one of the senior-most players on the Indian test team. He has consistently been a member of the red-ball squad for over 4 years. His performances in the white-ball format can be questioned but when it comes to red-ball cricket, Rishabh has been consistent, and most importantly he has been entertaining.  

Rishabh Pant is the type of player for whom the Indian crowd will spend their bucks and go to see test matches. He is a people player. Most of us might know him for his antiques from behind the stumps. But if we listen carefully, his instructions are very precise. He is a great thinker of the game. He might come in front of the camera as a fun-loving character but he is one of the most disciplined and focused players. His experience of captaining alpha players like KG Rabada, Prithvi Shaw, and David Warner at the Delhi Capitals’ camp, improves his chances. 

Virat Kohli Can be the Indian Cricket Team’s Captain in India VS England: 

One of the top contenders for the position can be Virat Kohli. Under Virat’s leadership, the Indian Test team won the test mace for 5 consecutive years. The team was ranked number 1 in test cricket for over 6 years. Virat changed the face of Indian Cricket. He can certainly be given the captaincy in absence of Rohit Sharma.  

At times I feel it is written in destiny that a dominant captain like Virat Kohli deserves to win at least one series in England. This will check all boxes and can make him the undisputed GOAT Test captain after Steve Waugh. It will be very gracious of the team management if they hand over the captaincy to Virat for this one last game. Virat’s captaincy record is just too good.  

Jasprit Bumrah: 

IMG SRC: The Indian Express

Jasprit Bumrah can also be given the captain’s armband. Bumrah has been the vice-captain of the Indian Test Team earlier. Bumrah is a consistent member of the red-ball team from 2018 onwards. His resume is even better than Rishabh Pant as, without Bumrah, the Indian bowling does look fiery but the zing is given by him. He also tries to use the T20 variations in test cricket. Such things help to bring the audience back to the stadiums to watch the longer formats.  

But the only thing that doesn’t go in his favor is the fact that when a bowler is a captain, he tends to under bowl himself.  

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