ICC T20I Women’s Player Rankings: Australian Batter tops the table

ICC T20I Women's Player Rankings
ICC T20I Women's Player Rankings

ICC T20I Women’s Player Rankings: Australian Batter tops the table: As cricket fans, we often find ourselves immersed in the exciting world of international cricket, cheering on our favorite teams and players as they compete on the global stage.

And when it comes to women’s cricket, the excitement is equally palpable, with talented athletes showcasing their skills and making headlines around the world. In this blog post, we will highlight the latest updates on the ICC Women’s T20I Player Rankings, highlighting some exceptional performances and notable achievements.

Batting rankings: Beth Mooney takes the top spot

Pos Team Players Rating Career Best Rating
1 AUS Beth MOONEY 766 780 (v England 2023)
2 AUSTRALIA WOMEN Tahlia MCGRATH 762 827 (v India 2022)
3 SOUTH AFRICA WOMEN Laura WOLVAARDT 731 731 (v Australia 2024)
4 INDIA WOMEN Smriti MANDHANA 713 741 (v Australia 2022)
5 WEST INDIES WOMEN Hayley MATTHEWS 708 708 (v Australia 2023)
6 SOUTH AFRICA WOMEN Tazmin BRITS 689 689 (v Australia 2024)
7 NEW ZEALAND WOMEN Suzie BATES 679 770 (v Pakistan 2018)
8 SRI LANKA WOMEN Chamari ATHAPATHTHU 675 685 (v England 2023)
9 NEW ZEALAND WOMEN Sophie DEVINE 663 749 (v Sri Lanka 2020)
10 AUSTRALIA WOMEN Alyssa HEALY 655 717 (v Sri Lanka 2019)
11 ENGLAND WOMEN Natalie SCIVER-BRUNT 624 644 (v West Indies 2020)
12 AUSTRALIA WOMEN Ashleigh GARDNER 621 667 (v England 2023)
13 INDIA WOMEN Jemimah RODRIGUES 615 753 (v New Zealand 2019)
14 NEW ZEALAND WOMEN Amelia KERR 614 623 (v South Africa 2023)
15 ENGLAND WOMEN Danni WYATT 607 620 (v India 2023)
16 INDIA WOMEN Shafali VERMA 601 776 (v South Africa 2021)
17 INDIA WOMEN Harmanpreet KAUR 595 719 (v Australia 2018)
18 IRELAND WOMEN Amy HUNTER 591 591 (v Zimbabwe 2024)
19 SOUTH AFRICA WOMEN Anne BOSCH 586 612 (v Bangladesh 2023)
20 SRI LANKA WOMEN Harshitha MADAVI 583 589 (v Pakistan 2023)

Australia’s explosive opening batter, Beth Mooney, has once again established her dominance in the T20I format by becoming the top-ranked batter. Mooney’s stellar start to the year has been no less impressive, with two notable half-centuries already to his name. Her extraordinary performance, a brilliant inning of 72* off just 57 balls against South Africa, not only earned him the Player of the Match award but also took him back to the pinnacle of the rankings.

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Tahlia McGrath and Laura Wolvaardt have a strong hold on the batting rankings.

Pos Team Players Rating Career Best Rating
1 AUS Beth MOONEY 766 780 (v England 2023)
2 AUSTRALIA WOMEN Tahlia MCGRATH 762 827 (v India 2022)
3 SOUTH AFRICA WOMEN Laura WOLVAARDT 731 731 (v Australia 2024)

While Mooney hogs the limelight, her Australian teammate Tahlia McGrath continues to impress and remains second in the rankings. McGrath’s consistent contributions with the bat have been vital for Australia, showcasing his potential as a top-order batter. Meanwhile, South African captain Laura Wolvaardt has retained her position at number three and achieved a career-high rating after her exceptional performance in the series against Australia.

Rising Stars: Tazmin Brittas, Amy Hunter, and Gabby Lewis

Among the rising stars in the latest rankings is South Africa’s Tazmin Britts, who achieved a career-best rating and moved up to sixth after her impressive innings against Australia. In the ongoing series between Ireland and Zimbabwe, Ireland’s Amy Hunter and Gabby Lewis have shone, with Hunter’s unbeaten innings taking her up to 18th position, while Lewis has moved up to 23rd after contributing valuable runs for her team.

Bowling rankings: Sophie Ecclestone leads

Pos Team Players Rating Career Best Rating
1 ENG Sophie ECCLESTONE 777 801 (v Australia 2023)
2 INDIA WOMEN Deepti SHARMA 718 749 (v Bangladesh 2023)
  PAKISTAN WOMEN Sadia IQBAL 718 718 (v New Zealand 2023)
4 ENGLAND WOMEN Sarah GLENN 716 761 (v India 2021)
5 SOUTH AFRICA WOMEN Nonkululeko MLABA 712 770 (v New Zealand 2023)
6 PAKISTAN WOMEN Nashra SANDHU 710 717 (v Bangladesh 2023)
7 SRI LANKA WOMEN Inoka RANAWEERA 709 709 (v India 2023)
8 WEST INDIES WOMEN Hayley MATTHEWS 704 717 (v England 2022)
9 NEW ZEALAND WOMEN Fran JONAS 702 709 (v Pakistan 2023)
10 INDIA WOMEN Renuka SINGH 701 737 (v Sri Lanka 2022)
11 AUSTRALIA WOMEN Darcie BROWN 700 737 (v South Africa 2023)
12 NEW ZEALAND WOMEN Eden CARSON 695 695 (v Pakistan 2023)
13 NEW ZEALAND WOMEN Amelia KERR 685 740 (v Australia 2020)
14 NEW ZEALAND WOMEN Lea TAHUHU 676 712 (v Sri Lanka 2023)
15 AUSTRALIA WOMEN Megan SCHUTT 668 806 (v Pakistan 2018)
16 PAKISTAN WOMEN Nida DAR 633 688 (v South Africa 2014)
17 SOUTH AFRICA WOMEN Shabnim ISMAIL 629 781 (v India 2021)
18 AUSTRALIA WOMEN Ashleigh GARDNER 625 702 (v Bangladesh 2023)
19 ENGLAND WOMEN Charlie DEAN 618 618 (v India 2023)
20 BANGLADESH WOMEN Rabeya KHAN 617 617 (v South Africa 2023)

England’s Sophie Ecclestone continues to dominate the bowling department and has maintained her lead at the top of the T20 rankings. However, there were few changes in the top 10, with South Africa’s Nonkululeko Mlaba slipping to fifth. India’s Deepti Sharma, Pakistan’s Sadia Iqbal, and England’s Sarah Glenn took advantage of Mlaba’s slip and moved up one place in the rankings.

All-rounder rankings: Hayley Matthews leads

Pos Team Players Rating Career Best Rating
1 WI Hayley MATTHEWS 498 498 (v Australia 2023)
2 NEW ZEALAND WOMEN Amelia KERR 420 420 (v Pakistan 2023)
3 AUSTRALIA WOMEN Ashleigh GARDNER 388 458 (v South Africa 2023)
4 INDIA WOMEN Deepti SHARMA 376 410 (v West Indies 2023)
5 PAKISTAN WOMEN Nida DAR 318 322 (v New Zealand 2023)
6 ENGLAND WOMEN Natalie SCIVER-BRUNT 303 386 (v India 2021)
7 NEW ZEALAND WOMEN Sophie DEVINE 289 425 (v Australia 2020)
8 SRI LANKA WOMEN Chamari ATHAPATHTHU 288 293 (v Pakistan 2023)
9 SCOTLAND WOMEN Kathryn BRYCE 221 352 (v Ireland 2021)
10 ENGLAND WOMEN Sophie ECCLESTONE 219 228 (v Australia 2023)
11 AUSTRALIA WOMEN Ellyse PERRY 199 421 (v India 2020)
12 SOUTH AFRICA WOMEN Marizanne KAPP 198 295 (v Pakistan 2019)
13 SOUTH AFRICA WOMEN Nadine DE KLERK 192 195 (v New Zealand 2023)
14 IRELAND WOMEN Laura DELANY 191 193 (v Australia 2018)
15 THAILAND WOMEN Nattaya BOOCHATHAM 184 243 (v Zimbabwe 2021)
16 BANGLADESH WOMEN Salma KHATUN 183 364 (v Sri Lanka 2014)
17 ZIMBABWE WOMEN Kelis NDHLOVU 176 176 (v Ireland 2024)
18 AUSTRALIA WOMEN Tahlia MCGRATH 172 257 (v India 2022)
19 IRELAND WOMEN Orla PRENDERGAST 166 225 (v West Indies 2023)
20 SOUTH AFRICA WOMEN Chloe TRYON 161 165 (v Sri Lanka 2014)

The West Indies’ Hayley Matthews has retained her position as the top-ranked player on the list of all-rounders. While there was no change in the top 10, Australia’s Ellyse Perry made a significant jump, moving up four places to 11th after consistently good performances against South Africa. Additionally, Ireland’s Laura Delaney and Zimbabwe’s Kelis Ndhlovu moved up the rankings, demonstrating their versatility and impact on the game.

Women’s Cricket: As we celebrate the achievements of these remarkable players, it is clear that women’s cricket continues to flourish and attract audiences around the world. With each match, players like Beth Mooney, Tahlia McGrath, and Sophie Ecclestone inspire future generations and push the boundaries of excellence in the game. As fans, let’s continue to support and champion women’s cricket, celebrating the talent, dedication, and passion displayed by these incredible athletes on and off the field.

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