Gautam Gambhir
A 97>>>>>>A 100

As an avid follower and a critic of the game, I would ask all of the readers to spare a thought and think about who the most outspoken cricketing personality is? Who is that guy, who without believing in “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” just keeps forward his view? It can be Wasim Jaffer or it can also be Sunny Gavaskar or Ravi Shastri. But in this case, it is Gautum Gambhir. Yes, GG as you rightly heard. So, here’s an insight into why this nonchalant yet smart cricketing brain has developed to be the person he is. 

Gautam Gambhir Debut and Early Career: – 

So, let’s go back to 1999. GG belongs to a batch of absolutely elite cricketers. MS, Yuvi, Kaif, Deep Das Gupta, and many more. He was picked as a backup opener for the U-19 squad that won the world cup under Kaif. Gautam previously played for the Delhi Ranji Team. At the College level, he was playing for the Hindu College. He has often spoken about how Stephens VS Hindu rivalry made sure that he performs in big matches. He got his big break in the series against Bangladesh in the year 2003. Gambhir was handed his ODI cap and a year later his test cap. 

Gautam Gambhir and 2007 T20 World Cup: – 

Three years down the line, the year 2007 and Gambhir is not aware that he was going to be a part of history. Not just a part but an integral one. He is going to be the actual protagonist but without due credit. So here is the story. The big final India Vs Pakistan set-up at the Wanderers. Still wounded after the 2007 ODI world cup the country is already happy with the performance that this group of youngsters has shown. India loses quick wickets and Gambhir takes the onus on himself. He scores a 30 ball 50.


You can still picture him hitting Gul straight to the scoreboard. India scores 150 odd runs. India eventually wins the world cup. But what we remember as fans is just that over by Joginder Sharma and Dhoni’s decision to ask him to bowl. Credit is not given by the media too…. here as fans, we missed a trick. 

Gautam Gambhir and 2009 Napier Test Match: – 

Next in is 2009. The Napier test. India has conceded a mammoth 619 runs and is following on after scoring 302 runs in the first innings. In comes GG and bats for 11 long hours. He plays a 400+ ball blockathon. Just as to share, GG played the third new ball in the second innings. India successfully draws the test and eventually wins the series. Apart from this Gautum was an aggressive individual. He would never might a word or two on the field with Shahid Afridi or a Kamran Akmal. You can also cherish the moment when he nudged Shane Watson in the test match in the 2008/2009 series. He was the one who always stepped up at crunch moments, he was the “CRISIS MAN”. 


Gautam Gambhir and 2011 World Cup: – 

And finally, it is 2011, where Gautam is seriously robbed of the credit he deserves. A final that the entire nation awaits. Wankhede is all set, the SriLankan’s are all set and so is GG. While chasing 275 in final India lose 2 quick wickets. Sachin and Sehwag back to the pavilion. The nation is sure that the cup is gone but GG had other plans. He played a beautifully paced knock of 97 runs. Alongside MS he put the chase back on track. And eventually, Ravi Shastri exclaimed those immortal lines “And Dhoni finishes things off in style……” 

The knock of 97 against Sri Lanka showed that Gautam was a person of character. He has been asked in numerous interviews that when Sachin walked back to the pavilion did he ever feel that India lost the cup? And numerous times Gambhir has just repeated the same answer, “No, I believe in my capabilities and believe that till I am at the crease, my team will not lose the game.”

Gautam Gambhir and his Outspoken Nature: – 

After ten years of this event taking place, a few days back Gautam did showcase his dejection about how media had overhyped that one particular knock and that one particular shot. He quoted, “one-shot didn’t win us the world cup”. As an individual, I do agree with this while simultaneously agreeing to the fact that MS did play one of the greatest knocks that evening. 


In conclusion, I would say that as fans of the modern era we must make sure every member of a champion side does get their due credit. I feel the term UNSUNG must no longer exist in the dictionary of sport. All of the heroes must be celebrated because “SPORTS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST HEALERS”.