Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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ICC T20 World Cup 2022: Namibia Stuns Sri Lanka. Beats Them by 55 Runs.  

ICC T20 World Cup 2022

The ICC T20 World Cup 2022 has started. It started with a bang. Namibia stunned Sri Lanka in the very first game. They defeated Sri Lanka, the defending Asian Champions, by 55 runs. A margin of 55 runs is equivalent to a win of 200 runs in an ODI game. Namibia played out of their skin and proved that...

ICC T20 World Cup: Predicting 3 Teams Who Can be Surprise Packages.

ICC T20 World Cup

The ICC T20 World Cup will begin in just 20 odd days. The cricket community is all excited for this tournament to begin. The T20 World Cup also happens to be exciting because the game is as crisp as it gets. The action on the field is electric and the energy levels of the players are elite. All-in-all the...