Manu Bhaker with PM
Manu is one of Indian Shooting's brightest prospect.

Manu Bhaker has been the sunshine of the Indian Female Shooting Circuit. Bhaker has been on a roll since 2016 and apart from the Olympics in Tokyo, she has had a good international performance. Manu Bhaker was supremely dominant at the national level and there is no competitor closer to her. Although she did not have the best of Olympics Campaign it was her weapon malfunction that became her worst nightmare. Alongside Saurabh Chaudhary, she forms a formidable mixed team pair. If Manu is well-groomed, she is bound for glory. Here is a look at her life: – 

Manu Bhaker Family: – 

Manu Bhaker is a 19-year-old from Jhajjar, Haryana. Her father, Ram Kishan Bhaker is a chief engineer in the Merchant Navy for India. Her mother, Sumedha Bhaker is a local school teacher. Manu Bhaker has a younger brother named Akhilesh Bhaker. The Bhaker family are followers of the Hindu Religion. 

Manu Bhaker and her family.

Manu Bhaker Early Life: – 

Born on 18th February 2021 in the Jhajjar district of Haryana, Manu Bhaker is bound for glory. Manu studied in the Universal Public School in Jhajjar itself. The 19-year-old began shooting with a monetary investment of 150000 rupees from her father. Shooting is an expensive sport and this step taken by her father was a brave and life-changing one. Manu Bhaker, when young, excelled in several other sports at the school level. It included Huyan Langon, a Manipuri Martial Art, boxing, and tennis. Manu first earned a name at the National Shooting Games in Kerala in 2017. She won 8 gold medals in the games at Kerala. Manu Bhaker also broke the national record set by Indian National Shooter Heena Sidhu.  

Manu Bhaker International Career: – 

From 2018 to 2021, Manu won several gold medals all over the globe. She almost dominated every tournament she participated in. Be it the World Championships in Lima, this year or be it ISSF World Cups in Putian, Manu Bhaker and her shots were unstoppable. Here is a look at the achievements of Manu Bhaker. 

Manu Bhaker Medals and Achievements: – 

Year Competition Venue Event Rank 
2021 ISSF World Cup New Delhi 10m air pistol women 2 (Silver) 
2019 ISSF World Cup Putian 10m air pistol women 1 (Gold) 
ISSF World Cup Munich 10m air pistol women 4th 
New Delhi 10m air pistol women 14th 
Beijing 10m air pistol women 17th 
2018 ISSF World Cup Guadalajara 10m air pistol women 1 (Gold) 
Changwon 10m air pistol women 30th 
Munich 10m air pistol women 47th