Manchester City
From Collin Bell to Fernandinho, lets have a look at the Manchester City legends

Manchester City has been one of the most elite clubs in the history of English Football. The men in light blue are one of the best teams in Europe. And with the kind of financing and management maestros that the City has associated with them, the team is expected to grow. The team also happens to be one of the more successful clubs as compared to the others. Although their significant performances have come in the recent past, the club also has a legacy. The fans and their passion add to the flavor of every game played at the Etihad Stadium. Here’s a look at the top 5 players for Manchester City: –

Mike Doyle: –

Mike makes it to this list considering the impact that he has had on the club. Doyle played for City for 13 long years from 1965 to 1978. Doyle was one multi-faceted player. He played at several places. From center back to right-wing to wing-half, Boyle played in almost all lengths of the field. He was a good reader and analyzer of the game on the pitch and this helped in this particular versatile ability. For his 448 appearances for the light blues, he scored a mere 32 goals.

The stats do not justify the skill level that Mike possessed. His ball control and fitness off the ball were second to none. He would train his heart out at the gym. He wanted to be a maestro at work. Mike made several head-to-head duals and converted many 50-50 chances. His aerial game also was great. His communication on the pitch was pivotal.

Fernandinho: –

Fernandinho is a more recent name to feature on this list. And it is because of his significant impact on the modern team. Fernandinho has been the spine of the team in the midline. He along with Yaya Toure formed a formidable midfield for the Blues. He has been playing since 2013 and is still an integral part of the team. The team has made sure that they have their loyalty for their most impactful player. Pep also has made significant contributions in making Fernandinho a beast on the field.

The Brazilian CDM has played 249 games and has scored 18 times. But it is his tackles and interceptions that make the difference. He doesn’t have the best physique for a defensive player but his athleticism is amazing. His footwork and ball control gives him an added advantage.

Colin Bell: –

Bell unquestionably finds a spot on this list. Manchester always has had the best of midfielders. Be it Kevin De Bruyne in today’s date or Colin Bell in the past, their midfielders and playmakers are top-notch. This Englishman was a regular in the team from 1966 to 1979. He made an immense 394 appearances for the men in blue and found the net 117 times. His playmaking was amazing and his sight was that of a genius. He had the vision to push the ball in appropriate gaps. He also could predict the moves of the opponents. Playing as a midfielder he got inducted into the 2005 English Football Hall of Fame.

As a gesture of sheer respect for their teammate and his abilities to read the game, the other players referred to him as “The King”. Colin’s pin-point passes and smoothes through balls earned him a spot in the 1975 PFA Team of the year. He was a man of authority when on the field and liked to make his presence felt by moving the ball around. He intimidated opponents by sheer presence.

David Silva: –

The playmaking “Magician” as he is called by City fans David is an absolute genius on the pitch. The Spaniard has added the Spanish flavor to City’s attack from 2010 and was a part of the team till the last season of 2020. In his tenure of 10 long years, he made 309 appearances for Etihad’s Team and scored 60 times. He was later earlier to Real Sociedad last season. Silva played mostly as a playmaking midfielder on the right half. He made sure that the British defenders get a good taste of Spanish Football. David was named thrice in PFA Team of the Year.

Silva is considered one of the best midfielders of his generation and when he is at his peak, he is an absolute force. His super-quick runs and good passing making him a complete package. His pressing skills are also noteworthy. Silva has been a part of the World Cup-winning 2010 Spain squad as well as Euro winning 2008 Spain Team. His fitness adds to the longevity of his career.

Sergio Aguero: –

Any City fan if questioned that who is the greatest Manchester City player of all time? Will answer Sergio Aguero. Aguero, the Argentine has made the most difference to the city squad. The moment of the 2010-2011 season where the commentator goes “Agueroooooooooooo” after Sergio scores the Premier League sealing goal, is etched in the minds of all the football fans. Sergio has played for 10 lengthy years from 2011 to 2021. He is a 5-time Premier League winner with City in those 10 years. In this short span, he has been the City’s most impactful player of all time.

Manchester City’s poster boy played 275 games for them scoring an all-time high 175 goals. The South American has made a small place in the hearts of the British football fans by leading the Sky-Blues. His twists and turns are a big problem for the defenders.