Virat Kohli to Step Down from T20 Captaincy After T20 World Cup.

Rohit is the expected candidate to step in the role but the official announcement is yet to come.

Virat wants to shift his focus more to his batting.

Virat Kohli, one of India’s most successful captains and the world’s best batsman has announced via Twitter that he is willing to step down from the T20 Captaincy of the Indian National Team. The Times of India had previously published a report regarding the same that Virat is intending to step down. The report by TOI was shunned by one of the BCCI officers but the latest developments suggest that the news had a sense of authenticity.

Kohli has previously captained India in 45 Games of which India have secured a victory in 27. This amounts Virat’s record to 65.11% as a captain. The stats have shown that Virat is one of the best captains but the workload has taken a toll on him. Captaining 3 teams of a country with 1.3 billion people is a tough task and as fans, we must respect the decision of such a champion player.

Virat made this announcement on his Twitter handle along with a note which is as follows: –

This was the post that made it official!

The next captaincy prospect for the National Team has to be Rohit Sharma. Rohit is certain to be captain considering his record with Mumbai as captain. Virat also notified the layman that he had been in touch with BCCI officials Sourav Ganguly and Jay Shah regarding this decision. Virat also made it clear that his intentions to serve the nation are crystal clear and he wants to focus more on his batting abilities. After dropping this workload of his to-do-list Virat will have more time to go on to be the best batsman in the world.