Asia Games Medal Tally, Check How Many Medals India, China or Japan have got till Now | Asia Games Medal Tally India
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Asia Games Medal Tally, Check How Many Medals India, China or Japan have got till Now | Asia Games Medal Tally India: The Asian Games are a multi-sports event, which is held every four years and is a widely known sports event across the Asian Countries. There are 45 countries that are members of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), and these countries collectively participate in the Asian Games.

OCA organizes the Asian Games. This major event provides a platform for athletes from all over the continent to compete against each other and show their talent.

Asian Games Medal Tally is a ranking of all the Countries on the basis of three Medals (Gold, silver, and Bronze). China is leading the chart of Asian Games Medal Tally with a total of 1473 Gold Medals, whereas Japan is at second position with 1032 Gold Medals.

China has a good margin, and it is tough for any country to occupy their position. India has won a total of 155 Gold Medals, and they are present at the fifth position behind Iran, who have 179 Gold Medals.

China Tops The Asian Games Medal Tally:

China is the most successful country in the Asian Games, and they won a total of 3,187 medals, which includes 1473 Gold Medals, 994 Silver Medals, and 720 Bronze Medals. China mainly won medals through sports like Swimming, Badminton, Table Tennis and many more.

They have been focusing on improving their performance in every sport through the well-developed sporting infrastructure and heavy investment in sports.

India’s Performance in the Asian Games:

India has participated in all 18 editions of the Asian Games, and they have won a total of 672 medals, which includes 155 Gold Medals, 201 Silver Medals, and 216 Bronze Medals. India’s best performance came in 2018, where they won 16 Gold Medals.

Asia Games Medal Tally From 1951 to 2018:

3South Korea7456638272,235
8North Korea110144179433
9Chinese Taipei99144276519

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