ICC T20 Cricket World Cup
All eyes are set on who the latest champion will be!!!

The 2021 ICC T20 World Cup hosted by the BCCI in the UAE win begin its initiation on the 17th of October. This edition of the World Cup is the 7th Edition and the World Cup previously happened in the year 2016. The defending champions this time around are the West Indies. Round 1 will begin on the above-mentioned date and will continue till the 22nd of the month.  

The second round is called the Super 12. This begins with the Australia VS South Africa clash on the 23rd. On the same day, later West Indies go head-to-head with England. The Group 2 clashes begin with India going up against Pakistan in the marquee clash on the 24th of October.  

The divisions of the teams in groups are as follows: – 

Round 1 

Group A: – Ireland, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and Namibia 

Group B: – Oman, Papua New Guinea, Scotland Bangladesh 

Super 12 

Group 1: – Australia, South Africa, England, West Indies, A1, B2 

Group 2: – India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Afghanistan, A2, B1 

Round 1 fixtures: – 

October 17 

Oman vs PNG in Oman 
Bangladesh vs Scotland in Oman 

October 18 

Ireland vs Netherlands in Abu Dhabi 
Sri Lanka vs Namibia in Abu Dhabi 

October 19 

Scotland vs PNG in Oman 

Oman vs Bangladesh in Oman 

October 20 

Namibia vs Netherlands in Abu Dhabi 
Sri Lanka vs Ireland in Abu Dhabi 

October 21 

Bangladesh vs PNG in Oman 
Oman vs Scotland in Oman 

October 22 

Namibia vs Ireland in Sharjah 
Sri Lanka vs Netherlands in Sharjah 

Round 2 fixtures: – 

Group 1 

Date Fixture Time Venue 
October 23 Australia vs South Africa 2 pm local time Abu Dhabi 
October 23 England vs West Indies 6 pm local time Dubai 
October 24 A1 vs B2 2 pm local time Sharjah 
October 26 South Africa vs West Indies 2 pm local time Dubai 
October 27 England vs B2 2 pm local time Abu Dhabi 
October 28 Australia vs A1 6 pm local time Dubai 
October 29 West Indies vs B2 2 pm local time Sharjah 
October 30 South Africa vs A1 2 pm local time Sharjah 
October 30 England vs Australia 6 pm local time Dubai 
November 1 England vs A1 6 pm local time Sharjah 
November 2 South Africa vs B2 2 pm local time Abu Dhabi 
November 4 Australia vs B2 2 pm local time Dubai 
November 4 West Indies vs A 1 6 pm local time Abu Dhabi 
November 6 Australia vs West Indies 2 pm local time Abu Dhabi 

Group 2

India VS Pakistan is one match that is highly anticipated!!!!
Date Fixture Time Venue 
October 24 India vs Pakistan 6 pm local time Dubai 
October 25 Afghanistan vs B1 6 pm local time Sharjah 
October 26 Pakistan vs New Zealand 6 pm local time Sharjah 
October 27 B1 vs A2 6 pm local time Abu Dhabi 
October 29 Afghanistan vs Pakistan 6 pm local time Dubai 
October 31 Afghanistan vs A2 2 pm local time Abu Dhabi 
October 31 India vs New Zealand 6 pm local time Dubai 
November 2 Pakistan vs A2 6 pm local time Abu Dhabi 
November 3 New Zealand vs B1 2 pm local time Dubai 
November 3 India vs Afghanistan 6 pm local time Abu Dhabi 
November 5 New Zealand vs A2 2 pm local time Sharjah 
November 5 India vs B1 6 pm local time Dubai 
November 7 New Zealand vs Afghanistan 2 pm local time Abu Dhabi 
November 7 Pakistan vs B1 6 pm local time Sharjah 
November 8 India vs A2 6 pm local time Dubai